Why are bees such a vital part of the environment?

Healthy managed bee colonies free of disease and contaminants are not only good for plants and produce, they are essential for the pollination of food crops and one of the signs of a healthy ecosystem. 30% of the produce that we consume today would not continue to grow if bees disappeared.

As coal miners had canaries to warn them of the presence of dangerous gases – the disappearance of bees is a warning to humans about our impact on the environment. From pesticide use to climbing pollution levels the disappearance of bees marks an imbalance of nature.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, each one of us can make a contribution to secure a balanced environment for future generations. One such example is by having professionally managed bee hives pollinating our vegetation, fruit and flowers.

Why import honey when we can grow our own whilst benefiting our local ecosystem – Your Ecosystem!